My name is Trixie -
I'm wearing some of my favorite every day clothes, the kinds of things blue collar broads wear working at the mill or on the docks around here. I love those husky gals who work side-by-side with the guys, sharing the same swaggering sense of humour. The kind of folks who like getting out of work early and taking a six pack or some doobie out into the woods to relax. Looking at these pictures you have to know I have two perfumes: the scent of freshly laundered clothes OR the ripeness of my own sweat.!


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I'm like women you've worked next to, or looked up to when you were younger, or the gals who've been your neighbors. Except YOU GET TO SEE ME NAKED on cam, having sex in videos, and taking my clothes off in tons of pictures where you can see my "no-no holes" up close! Isn't that naughty?

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